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Weblogic 12C Features – Named Concurrent Edit Sessions

In 12.2.1 there is no longer a single global Edit lock on the administrative changes being executed in a domain. With Named Concurrent Edit Sessions, multiple administrators can now have concurrent edit sessions. This is especially useful in a multitenant scenario where different partitions are managed by different administrators. This describes how to manage concurrent named […]

Weblogic 12C Features – RESTful Management Services

WebLogic Server RESTful Management Services provides representational state transfer (REST) resources that enable you to monitor WebLogic Server outside of the Oracle Public Cloud Management Console. REST clients can embed fine-grained monitoring information in flexible, customized consoles that can monitor a domain’s servers, clusters, applications, and data sources while they are running behind firewalls in the […]

Weblogic 12C Feature – Elasticity for Dynamic Clusters

The elasticity capabilities leverage the WebLogic 12c Dynamic Clusters for on-Demand scaling (or manual scaling) and the WLDF Policies and Actions (the same as Watches and Notifications from previous versions) to implement auto scaling. When a certain Policy is met a Scale up or Scale down Action can be triggered. Cluster in weblogic 12c provide simplicity […]

Weblogic 12C Feature -Continuous Availability

Big improvements in how customers can define their Disaster Recovery strategy, fault tolerant architectures and migration or rollout plans. Some of the new features include cross domain transaction recovery, zero downtime patching and resource groups migration, which means that a group of related artifacts (applications, data sources, etc) can be quickly targeted to new runtime […]

Weblogic 12C Feature – Multitenancy (MT)

Multitenancy is an architecture in which a single instance of a software application serves multiple customers. Each customer is called a tenant. Tenants may be given the ability to customize some parts of the application, such as color of the user interface (UI) or business rules, but they cannot customize the application’s code. The WebLogic […]

Weblogic 12c Features

Today we will be discussing what are Weblogic 12c Features and its usage. Hope this will help you in clearing Weblogic 12c Implementation Specialist Certification. Oracle Web Logic is a server software application that runs on a middle tier, between back-end databases and related applications an browser-based thin clients. Web Logic is a leading e-commerce online transaction processing (OLTP) platform, developed to connect […]

Weblogic Error “Caused By: weblogic.utils.ErrorCollectionException”

This post is about weblogic error “Caused By: weblogic.utils.ErrorCollectionException” and it’s solutions. Error: Caused By: weblogic.utils.ErrorCollectionException: There are 1 nested errors: weblogic.j2ee.dd.xml.AnnotationProcessException: Duplicate ejb name ‘BDAccountEjbBean’ found: annotation ‘Stateless’ on bean failed due to connection pool issue: we will fix connection pool issues and then redeploy the application Out of memory issue during the deployment: […]

Apache Proxy log Throws READ_ERROR_FROM_FILE

There are reports of requests failing and the Apache Proxy log throwing “READ_ERROR_FROM_FILE” and “Cannot read 0 bytes of postData from tmp file” exceptions in WebLogic Server. Below is the exception in Apache proxy logs at the time of the issue: READ_ERROR_FROM_FILE [os error=0, line 144 of ap_proxy.cpp]: Cannot read 0 bytes of postData from tmp file ‘/tmp/_wl_proxy/_post_916_xxx Cause: The problem is […]

Smart Update Fails to Apply Patch: Unable to backup file

When attempting to install a patch using Smart Update (BSU), the “ Unable to backup file” error occurs: ERROR: Unable to backup file <path>/weblogic_patch.jar to <path>/weblogic_patch.jar.bak Verbose logging gives some more details: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com;bea.plateng.patch.PatchInstallationException: Unable to backup file <path>/weblogic_patch.jar Cause: This is a common problem customers experience when they try to apply patches while the […] Invalid state file format. State file contents

Weblogic managed Servers cannot be started via the WLS console as Node Manager is not reachable. Also, the nodemanager.log file is showing the following messages: The error “ Invalid state file format. State file contents” was coming for only one machines in a cluster. Error: domainName\servers\serveName\data\nodemanager\”> domainName\servers\serveName\data\nodemanager\”> <Feb 9, 2011 11:06:01 AM> <WARNING> <There was a problem initializing the […]