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Weblogic Issue-Caused By: weblogic.utils.ErrorCollectionException

Weblogic Issue -Caused By: weblogic.utils.ErrorCollectionException

Please find below more about weblogic issue Caused By: weblogic.utils.ErrorCollectionException:


weblogic.j2ee.dd.xml.AnnotationProcessException: Duplicate ejb name ‘BDAccountEjbBean’ found: annotation ‘Stateless’ on bean
failed due to connection pool issue: we will fix connection pool issues and then redeploy the application
Out of memory issue during the deployment:
error: java.lang.outofmemory.permgenspace
this error occured due to space in perm area


Update setDomainEnv.sh in a domain.

xx:permsize 64m
xx:maxpermsize 128m

we have set intial permsize=maxpermsize then restarted the servers, redeployed the application.

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