Get AWS Cloud Practitioner Certified

Steps to Get AWS Cloud Practitioner Certified (CLF-C01) in 2 Weeks

Steps to Get AWS Cloud Practitioner Certified (CLF-C01) in 2 Weeks:

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified cloud practitioner is a technical professional who is conversant with cloud computing and has foundational knowledge of AWS to support cloud operations across various verticals and industries.

You may hear about the buzz around cloud computing and AWS, and cloud computing is indeed essential for today’s programmers, developers, IT professionals, and project managers.

And, if you want to know about Cloud computing concepts from scratch, there is no better way than to go for a certification like AWS Certified Cloud Practioner (CLF-C01) or Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900).

These are the first stepping stone on Cloud and the easiest certification you can get on Cloud computing. They not only provide an overview of Cloud computing concepts like IaaS, Pass, Saas but also how Cloud works in general and what are cost and agility benefits of Cloud.

Why AWS? Well, because Amazon Web Services, is the oldest and most popular public cloud platform and AWS cloud professionals are also in high demand.

It also has the most significant marketplace and highest out-of-box Cloud services. Since more and more companies are adopting cloud to reduce cost and improve agility, AWS experience and skills are in demand, particularly for certified professionals.

Best way to start AWS certification journey is to start with AWS Certified Cloud Practioner (CLF-C01) i.e. foundation level cert.


Why AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner?

If you are reading this article, you likely agree that Cloud Computing is the way of the future, and AWS is the most popular Cloud platform.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is the introductory tier of AWS’s numerous certifications. It offers a nice introduction to a wide range of AWS services, including many of its most integral services such as EC2 and S3. Therefore, if you are new to the cloud, studying for this exam will provide you with a solid foundation for further AWS study.


Why should we go for cloud practitioner exam?

I think that cloud practitioner is the solid foundation to start with AWS Cloud Certifications journey. You receive lots of benefits after you pass the exam. This exam is the cheapest ($100) among all the AWS Certifications. Some of the benefits are

1)You receive 50% off Token for your next exam

2)You receive free practice exam token

3)You get connected to a great community of AWS Certified People on LinkedIn

4)You get access to AWS Store.

5)You are 60% prepared for the next exam (AWS Architect) – that is why I took it know and understand how on overall I understand the AWS.

6) You get the confidence to start your journey of AWS with more difficult certification like AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA -C03), AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate or even AWS Certified solution Architect – Professional.

What are the resources that I followed to pass this exam?

  1. Udemy Course: [NEW] Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – 2022by Stephane Maarek. Stephane Maarek is best when it comes to learning AWS. [My opinion]
  2. AWS Whitepaper:

Overview of Amazon Web Services – AWS Whitepaper

AWS pricing overview

AWS Support plans

  1. AWS Sample Paper and Exam Guide from AWS
  2. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01)  – cheat sheet: This is my personal cheat sheet used for AWS CLF-C01 . I have passed this certification which flying numbers on 853 out of 1000. This is not a race to score perfect number, but you need to get at least 700 for passing. Learning AWS is more important than passing certifications.
  3. Practice test – recommended: Time needed: 2–3 days. Don’t do all tests in a day. Review the test and learn from incorrect answers provided.

6 Practice Exams | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 – Stephane Maarek & Abhishek Singh

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Exams – Jon Bonso (Tutorials Dojo)

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam Practice Tests – Durga N Mondal [FREE]

To know more please visit this website

About the Examination-Get AWS Cloud Practitioner Certified:

There are already many resources that describe the examination process, so I will not delve into that. You can check out the following to find out more:

I will instead share some tips based on my personal experience.

  • Make sure you are at least 40 minutes early because the setup for the proctoring service can take time to complete.
  • There are 65 questions to answer within 90 minutes. That is sufficient time for you to complete the exam with time to spare. Therefore, do take time to read the questions carefully, and avoid rushing through the exam. You should also have enough time to look through (and review) all your answers again, so please do so before submitting.
  • Start with eliminating the options. Like if ask compute services and option has RDS, Aurora, EC2 etc, so obviously RDS and Aurora can’t be correct options as these are database services.

I hope you are ready now with all details for certifications. Go through CLF-C01 cheat sheet as a revision.

  • Answer below questions to confirm your understanding:
  • What is a more cost effective option S3 One-Zone IA or Glacier?
  • When do you use a dedicated host versus a dedicated instance?
  • When do you use WAF and Shield?
  • What are regional and global services?
  • What are serverless offering in AWS like lambda dynamoDB?
  • Is it more cost effective to run a spot instance or an on-demand instance when requests cannot be interrupted?
  • When should you use Dynamo DAX versus ElastiCache versus Aurora?
  • What services can I use to budget my services before I incur costs and how can I set up alerting?
  • When to use which support plan?
  • Saving plans and benefits?
  • How can I show that RDS is set up for availability? What about for elasticity?
  • What is the difference between CloudWatch and CloudFront?
  • When not to use spot instances?
  • What can I use for encryption?
  • What are hybrid services?
  • What do I manage and what does AWS manage?
  • What are the inherited factors from AWS?
  • When it comes to RDS and EC2, who manages what?
  • Which services are global?
  • Which services are on-prem?
  • Which services are regional?
  • Which services are reserved?
  • How much data does it take to use snowball vs snowmobile service?
  • What is scaling up vs. scaling out for RDS and EC2?
  • When/how do you get a TAM?
  • What do you get full access to Trusted Advisor?
  • Which services are serverless?
  • S3 types and tiering?
  • EFS life cycle?


I hope you have now understood on Get AWS Cloud Practitioner Certified (CLF-C01) certification.  All the best for the exam!!

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