Too many open files Too many open files Too many open files

Not able to start the admin server or managed server with Too many open files error in logs:


Not able to start Admin server getting “ Too many open files”

<Error> <NodeManager> <BEA-300040> <I/O error while writing node manager status change Too many open files


“ Too many open files” issue comes when the multiple files are open and  limit is set to be less to be open per box.

To solve this we need to set values of ulimit in respective putty box where admin server is installed.

Please find below few useful command:

ulimit -a   — to display the current full setting of ulimit.

ulimit -c   — to check only core file size of ulimit.

ulimit -u   — to check Max user Processes of ulimit.

/etc/security/limits.conf —  is the location for the file that contains user limit settings.


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