Recently Asked Apache Kafka Interview Questions and answers[2023]

Recently Asked Apache Kafka Interview Questions and answers Apache Kafka Interview Questions and answers are as follows- Q1) What is Apache Kafka? Ans. Apache Kafka is a publish-subscribe open source message broker application. This messaging application was coded in “Scala”. Basically, this project was started by the Apache software. Kafka’s design pattern is mainly based […]

Cloud Computing Interview Questions And Answers

There are many opportunities in the industry, such as cloud administrator, cloud developer, cloud engineer, cloud architect, cloud security professional, and many more. Learn how you can crack the interview in one go with our compiled list of Cloud Computing Interview Questions. But first, let us answer some of the frequently asked questions. List of […]

Top Answers to Solr Interview Questions

List of Top Answers to Solr Interview Questions with examples as follows. Compare Solr & ElasticSearch Criteria Solr ElasticSearch Data varieties JSON, XML, CSV JSON Data de duplication Supported Not supported Updates Through configuration changes Through custom work What is Apache Solr? Apache Solr is a standalone full-text search platform to perform searches on multiple websites and […]

Top 40+ ETL Interview Questions And Answers ( Etract, Trasform , Load)

Top ETL Interview Questions and Answer: List of Top Interview Questions And Answers of ETL( Etract, Trasform , Load) with examples as follows: Compare between ETL and ELT. Criteria ETL ELT Flexibility High Low Working methodology Data from the source system to the data warehouse Leverages the target system to transform data Performance Average Good […]

Top Data Warehouse Interview Questions And Answers

Please find below the list of Data Warehouse Interview Questions and Answers with examples: Compare a database with Data Warehouse. Criteria Database Data Warehouse Type of data Relational or object-oriented data Large volume with multiple data types Data operations Transaction processing Data modeling and analysis Dimensions of data Two-dimensional data Multidimensional data Data design ER-based […]

Top 100 OBIEE Interview Questions And Answers

Please find the list of OBIEE Interview Questions And Answers as follows: Compare OBIEE & Tableau Criteria OBIEE Tableau Ease of use Needs trained developers Empowers end users Data visualization Average Excellent Enterprise Reporting Easy to deploy and manage Much harder Explain the Architecture of OBIEE 11g and function of each components? OBIEE Comprises Presentation […]

Angular Interview Questions and Answers

The list of “Angular Interview Questions and Answers” are as follows: 1) What is Angular? / What do you know about Angular? Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks developed and maintained by Google. It is an open-source front-end web framework based on TypeScript. It is most suited for developing enterprise web applications […]