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How to create new weblogic username and password

How to create new weblogic username and password

Please find below the steps to create new weblogic username and password:

  1. set the file
  2. take a backup of DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift or whole folder of security under domain home
  3. Go to domain–> security and run below command

java <NewAdminUserName> <NewAdminPassword> .


java newAdmin newPassword .

. –> used for current directory

DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift will be created after running this command

  1. login to admin console–securityrealm–myrealm-migration-export to any location you want

after export you will get below files in given location:






  1. Backup od data and for Admin server

mv data data_old from –domain–servers-Adminserver

mv boot.properties_old— domain–servers-Adminserver–security

  1. create new— domain–servers-Adminserver–security

  1. restart the admin server
  2. login to admin console–securityrealm–myrealm-migration-import to any location you want

Now provide the folder Name where u have all the above files.

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