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Operators in C++

Operators in C++ Operator represents an action. For example + is an operator that represents addition. An operator works on two or more operands and produce an output. For example 3+4+5 here + operator works on three operands and produce 12 as output. In this post, we are discuss different types of operators in C++ […]

Data Types in C++

Data Types in C++ Data Types in C++ define the type of data a variable can hold, for example an integer variable can hold integer data, a character type variable can hold character data etc. Data types in C++ are categorized in three groups: Built-in, user-defined and Derived. Built in data types: char: For characters. Size 1 byte. […]

Variables in C++

Variables in C++ A variable in C++ is a name which is associated with a value that can be changed. For example when I write int num=20; here variable name is num which is associated with value 20, int is a data type that represents that this variable can hold integer values. We will cover the […]

Hello World – First C++ Program

Hello World – First C++ Program In this guide, we will write and understand the First C++ Program. We are writing a simple C++ program that prints “Hello World!” message. Let’s see the program first and then we will discuss each and every part of it in detail. Hello World Program in C++ /* * […]

C++ Tutorial – Learn C++ Programming with examples

C++ Tutorial – Learn C++ Programming with examples Please find more details about basic concepts in this C++ Tutorial – C++ language is a direct descendant of C programming language with additional features such as type checking, object oriented programming, exception handling etc. You can call it a “better C”. It was developed by Bjarne […]