Apache Proxy log Throws READ_ERROR_FROM_FILE

Apache Proxy log Throws READ_ERROR_FROM_FILE

There are reports of requests failing and the Apache Proxy log throwing “READ_ERROR_FROM_FILE” and “Cannot read 0 bytes of postData from tmp file” exceptions in WebLogic Server.
Below is the exception in Apache proxy logs at the time of the issue:
READ_ERROR_FROM_FILE [os error=0, line 144 of ap_proxy.cpp]: Cannot read 0 bytes of postData from tmp file ‘/tmp/_wl_proxy/_post_916_xxx


The problem is related to network latency and file caching. When the POST data in a request is greater than 2048 bytes and when FileCaching is set to ON, the POST data is first read into a temporary file on disk and then forwarded to the WebLogic Server in chunks of 8192 bytes.


To resolve this issue disable File Caching on the Apache web server.
To disable File Caching, in the Apache configuration under <IfModule mod_weblogic.c>, add the setting below:

        FileCaching OFF


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