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Recently Asked Apache Kafka Interview Questions and answers[2023]

Recently Asked Apache Kafka Interview Questions and answers Apache Kafka Interview Questions and answers are as follows- Q1) What is Apache Kafka? Ans. Apache Kafka is a publish-subscribe open source message broker application. This messaging application was coded in “Scala”. Basically, this project was started by the Apache software. Kafka’s design pattern is mainly based […]

Useful Apache Kafka Commands

Kafka developed at LinkedIn and then open source -tool for building real time data pipe lines. kafka is distributed streaming platform and similar to enterprise messaging system. Let’s see more about Apache Kafka Commands. ZooKeeper : open source project of Hadoop. ZooKeeper is a centralized service for maintaining configuration information, naming, providing distributed synchronization, and providing […]

Difference between Apache Kafka and JMS

Kafka and JMS both are messaging system. Java message service is an api which are provided by Java. It is used for implementing messaging system in your application. JMS supports queue and publisher /subscriber(topic) messaging system . With queues, when first consumer consumes a message, message gets deleted from the queue and others cannot take […]

Difference between Apache Kafka and Flume

Kafka and Flume both are used for real time event processing system. They both are developed by Apache. Kafka is a publish-subscribe model messaging system. It can be used to communicate between publisher and subscriber using topic. One of the best features of Kafka is, it is highly available and resilient to node failures and […]

Apache Kafka Vs Apache Spark: Know the Differences

Apache Kafka vs Apache Spark is the comparison of two popular technologies that are related to big data processing are known for fast and real-time or streaming data processing capabilities. Kafka is an open-source tool that generally works with the publish-subscribe model and is used as intermediate for the streaming data pipeline. Spark is a […]

Kafka vs Storm: Feature Wise Comparison of Kafka & Storm

In this blog, “Apache Kafka vs Storm: Difference Between Storm and Kafka” we will see the complete comparison for both Kafka and Storm. So, let’s start with the brief introduction of Kafka and Storm to understand the comparison well. What is Kafka In order to enable communication between Kafka Producers and Kafka Consumers using message-based topics, we use Apache […]

Top 15 Apache Kafka Alternatives Popular In 2023

Kafka is an open-source streaming platform that is a distributed, partitioned, and replicated log service. It offers a messaging system functionality with a unique design of its own. It was originally developed by LinkedIn and then taken over by Apache Foundation. It manages real-time data feeds with low latency and high throughput platform. In this […]

Apache Kafka Tutorial

Apache Kafka is an open-source stream-processing software platform which is used to handle the real-time data storage. It works as a broker between two parties, i.e., a sender and a receiver. It can handle about trillions of data events in a day. Lets learn all in Kafka Tutorial post. Apache Kafka was originated at LinkedIn […]